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Report on Workshop 3: The Politics of Culture as Testimony

AHRC Workshop 3: The Politics of Culture as Testimony The third day-long workshop for the AHRC-funded network “Culture and its Uses as Testimony” took place at the University of Nottingham on the 22 May 2017. The topic of the workshop was the politics of culture as testimony. The event brought together 31 network members: participants […]

Understandings of “Testimony”, “Culture” and “Justice”

Understandings of “Testimony”, “Culture” and “Justice” (Based on network members’ submissions and for discussion at Workshop 3) Culture The original understanding of culture for the project embraced sources with a stated or unstated element of testimony: autobiography, biography, memoirs, diaries, letters, films, museums. Discussion in the workshops and the definitions submitted ahead of workshop 3 […]

Exhibition and Talk at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum

Legacies of the Holocaust Temporary Digital Exhibition Available for all to view in the Ronson Learning Centre at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum from 14th May 2017. Seven thematic areas exploring topics such as: The liberation of the camps The important events in Holocaust memory The role of witnesses in educating future generations about […]