Final Conference Programme: Culture and its Uses as Testimony (11-12 April 2018)

All sessions will take place in the Muirhead Tower, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus, B15 2TT

11 April

9.45-10.15 Arrival (tea/coffee) (Room 112)

10.15-10.50 Sara Jones (University of Birmingham) and Roger Woods (University of Nottingham): Towards a Theoretical and Methodological Framework for the Study of Cultural Uses of Testimony (Room 112). 


Chair: Bill Niven (Nottingham Trent University); Rapporteur: Helen Tatlow

11.00-12.15 Panel 1: Definitions and Key Concepts (Room 112)

Chair: Emilie Pine (University College Dublin); Rapporteur: Sara Jones

11.00-12.15 Panel 2: Methodologies 1: Working with the Witness (Room 113)

  • Gary Mills (University of Nottingham): An Investigation into the Opportunities and Dilemmas of using Testimony in Classrooms. Researching teachers’ perspectives on the nature of testimony and how this influences their curriculum and pedagogical thinking
  • Fransiska Louwagie (University of Leicester) and Caroline Sharples (University of Roehampton): Testifying to Genocide: A Critical Use of Cultural Memory in Holocaust Education
  • Anissa Daoudi (University of Birmingham), Mohamed Elamine Bisker and Thameur Dahmani: Memories of Pain: Voices against Amnesia. Film showing and discussion (tbc)

Chair: Elizabeth Kendrick (Nottingham Trent University); Rapporteur: Roger Woods

12.15-1.15 Lunch (Room 112)

1.15-2.30 Panel 3: Gender and Testimony (Room 113)

Chair: Franziska Meyer (University of Nottingham); Rapporteur: Helen Tatlow

1.15-2.30: Panel 4: Perpetrator Testimony (Room 112)

Chair: Alison Lewis (University of Melbourne); Rapporteur: Roger Woods

2.30-3.00 Tea/Coffee (Room 112)

3.00-4.00 Eugenio Szwarcer and Carles Fernández Giua: Bucharest: A new project by La Conquesta del pol sud and Carmen Francesca Banciu (Room 112)

Chair: Sara Jones (University of Birmingham); Rapporteur: Helen Tatlow

4.30-6.30 Performance video of REMNANTS by Hank Greenspan, along with video conference with Hank about the piece and the questions it raises (Room 112)

Chair: Éva Kovács (Vienna Wiesenthal Institute); Rapporteur: Helen Tatlow

7.00 Dinner (Lucas House Restaurant)


12 April

9.00-10.00 Tea/Coffee (Room 112)

10.00-11.00 Reporting from the panels

11.00-11.30 Tea/Coffee (Room 112)

11.30-12.45 Panel 5: Methodologies 2: Working with the Texts (Room 112)

Chair: Achim Saupe (Centre for Contemporary History, Potsdam); Rapporteur: Roger Woods

11.30-12.45 Panel 6: Literature and Autobiography as Testimony (Room 113)

Chair: Sue Vice (University of Sheffield); Rapporteur: Sara Jones

12.45-1.45 Lunch (Room 112)

1.45-3.00 Panel 7: Materiality and Media (Room 113)

Chair: Gary Mills (University of Nottingham); Rapporteur: Helen Tatlow

1.45-3.00 Panel 8: Secondary Witnessing (Room 112)

Chair: Melissa Schuh (Goethe University, Frankfurt); Rapporteur: Sara Jones

3.00-3.30 Tea/Coffee (Room 112)

3.30-5.00 Round table with Maiken Umbach, Liz Harvey and Sylvia Necker (all University of Nottingham) on the project Photography as Political Practice in National Socialism (Room 112)

Chair: Roger Woods (University of Nottingham); Rapporteur: Helen Tatlow

5.00-5.30 Concluding comments and ways forward (Room 112)

Chairs: Sara Jones and Roger Woods; Rapporteur: Helen Tatlow

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